Tutor helping student

The Tutoring Center has been an integral part of the 2020-21 academic year. The center has provided tutoring services for seven of the core undergraduate ISyE courses for the past two years and continues to expand and evolve. Tutors are introduced to basic pedagogical methods, taught by CASE, to promote active learning in a supportive environment. The services provided by the Center have been vital in helping undergraduate students adjust during the shift to online education.

The Tutoring Center strives to meet the needs of all ISyE undergraduate students and offers multiple sessions to provide flexibility and alleviate pressure from TAs and faculty to offer additional sessions. Our success is illustrated though recent feedback which includes the suggestion to expand our course list to include advanced classes such as ISyE 4133 and ISyE 4803. Our student tutors gain invaluable opportunities to enhance their communication skills and know that they are contributing to the student community. The Tutoring Center provides an enriching experience for all those involved.

Tutoring Center