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IE Days is an initiative that exposes high school students with different backgrounds from across the state of Georgia to the programs available within the ISyE department. High school students participating in the program gain insight into the life of an undergraduate ISyE student at Georgia Tech are part of this initiative. The program is divided into three distinct phases. Phase 1 occurs every Fall semester, phase 2 occurs every Spring semester, and phase 3 occurs every summer semester.

Phase 1

Phase 1 entails CASE physically visiting students at their respective high schools. Visits will start in September and end November. The goal is to complete 4 visits per month. Visiting members will consist of Georgia Tech Professors, undergraduate students, and Graduate school students. The professor will give a presentation on facts and figures about the importance of going to college, majoring in engineering, and why Georgia Tech should be considered. The Georgia Tech students will then introduce themselves and have a question and answering session with the high school students. Financial Aid information, including test score requirements, early admission, and GPA requirements should be provided.

Phase 2

Phase 2 requires high school students to visit Georgia Tech’s campus. Students will arrive in the morning, eat breakfast, then go sit in a college class with actual college students. The students will then take a tour of campus that includes the student center, Clough, OMED, and the CRC. The students will then go to the GT Hotel to eat and talk with Georgia Tech students. The students will then visit the incubation lab/Kitt labs to meet black tech entrepreneurs. Visits will start in February and end in April.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is for newly accepted Georgia Tech students. The students and their families will be invited to a lunch and tour of all facilities on campus, talk to academic advisors, financial aid, and other administrators. Students will be able to meet current students at Georgia Tech, ask questions, and network. The students will also be given information about the Challenge program.