In collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), CASE will over its version of the Tech to Teach program by offering ISyE 8802 each fall semester and ISyE 8811 each spring semester.

According to the Center for Teaching and Learning website (2023), the Tech to Teaching program is designed to prepare Georgia Tech graduate students and postdocs for college teaching positions. Through this certification program, participants will develop a thorough understanding of evidence-based teaching and learning and will demonstrate their ability to apply these skills in the classroom.

This certificate program is designed around two sets of learning outcomes. The foundation level captures what participants will learn about college teaching. The ten learning outcomes can be satisfied through a combination of Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) classes, workshops, and affiliated resources. In the capstone level, participants will practice and evaluate their teaching skills through a substantial teaching experience.

Participants completing the certificate will leave the program with valuable knowledge and skills to apply to future faculty positions. In addition to the printed certificate, participants will receive a letter of recommendation detailing their accomplishments in the program. Finally, graduate students completing the coursework pathway may elect to apply those courses toward a minor in higher education.

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