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iExperience (formerly IE Days) is a CASE initiative that exposes high school students from local Georgia high schools to the programs and services that are offered through the H. Milton School of Industrial & Systems Engineering. High school students who participate in the iExperience will gain insight into the life of an undergraduate ISyE student at Georgia Tech. iExperience is divided into three distinct phases.

Phase 1: CASE Visits Your High School

Phase 1 entails CASE physically visiting students at their respective high schools. Visiting members will consist of Georgia Tech professors, undergraduate and graduate school students, and ISyE alumni. A member of the team will give a presentation on facts and figures about the importance of going to college, majoring in engineering, and why Georgia Tech should be considered. All sessions will include a brief question and answer session for the high school students to ask the GT students of their experience as an IE and GT student. Phase 1 usually takes place during the fall semester (September-November)

Phase 2: CASE Invites You to Spend the Day at Tech

Phase 2 requires high school students to visit Georgia Tech’s campus. High school students will spend a day on the campus learning about Georgia Tech and industrial engineering. The students will then take a tour of campus that includes the key areas of the campus and see the “maker” labs throughout the campus. Along with the campus tour, students will be able to learn about the GT admissions process, participate in interactive industrial engineering activities, and may be able to attend an ISyE class. Phase 2 usually takes place during the spring semester (January-April).

Phase 3: Be a Tech Student for a Day—Shadowing a ISyE Student

Phase 3 is for those high school students who are strongly considering applying to Georgia Tech as an industrial engineering student. The students are invited to “shadowing” current industrial engineering student, more in depth tour of the campus, be able to meet with an ISyE academic advisor, and lunch with ISyE students. The students will also be given information about the iExperience Summer Camp (formerly Mission Possible).

IE Experience Summer Camp (formerly Mission Possible)

Before they arrive at Georgia Tech, high school students interested in STEM are often introduced to mechanical or computer engineering through afterschool activities like robotics and coding classes. Industrial engineering (IE), on the other hand, is known as a “discovery major.” This is largely because IE’s problem-solving applications are so varied that, as a field, it can be a challenge to define.

iExperience Summer Camp is a week-long summer camp designed to familiarize high school students with industrial engineering. Through computer games involving disaster preparedness and supply chains, as activities such as presentations on “magic” math tricks, sports analytics, and how artificial intelligence recognizes human faces, students receive a crash course in the many ways IE is applicable to today’s challenges. In addition, through activities that involve students to learn soft skills such as teamwork and communication. Students will have the opportunity to tour the Georgia Tech campus, visit companies/organizations that utilize industrial engineering, and hear how to become a GT student.

Dates: June 10-14, 2024
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