Welcome to the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE)’s Stewart Teaching Fellows Program, an esteemed opportunity for ISyE PhD students and postdocs to excel in the realm of teaching while receiving monetary stipend at the completion of the specific level of the program.  In collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), the Center for Academics, Success, & Equity (CASE) proudly presents its rendition of the Tech to Teaching program, known as the Stewart Teaching Fellows Program, featuring ISyE 8801 and ISyE 8811 courses, annually. 

The Stewart Teaching Fellows Program is designed to prepare participants for college teaching positions.  The Stewart Teaching Fellows Program is a comprehensive certification initiative based on the Tech to Teaching program outlined on the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) website. Through this program, fellows will cultivate a deep understanding of evidence-based teaching and learning methodologies, enabling them to proficiently apply these strategies withing educational settings.

The Stewart Teaching Fellows Program is structured around two key learning levels. At the foundation level, students will immerse themselves in ISyE 8802 course, a series of CTL workshops, and supplementary resources, aligning with ten fundamental principles of college teaching.  After completing the foundation level, fellows will have the opportunity to hone and assess their teaching abilities through immersive teaching experiences during the capstone level.  During the capstone level, students will teach or co-teach a course for their teaching capstone, meeting regularly with teaching CTL mentors and their ISyE 8811 capstone cohort to reflect on their teaching experiences. 

Upon successful completion of the program, fellows will depart equipped with invaluable knowledge and skills essential for future faculty positions. In addition to receiving a printed certificate, students can request a letter of recommendation detailing their accomplishments in the program.  Finally, ISyE PhD students who completed their coursework pathway (CETL 8713, CETL 8717, and CETL 8718) may work with their academic advisor to apply those courses toward a minor in higher education.

Join us in our commitment to fostering excellence in teaching and preparing the next generation of educators for impactful roles in academia.  If you are an ISyE PhD student who is interested in expanding your expertise to academia, then apply to the Stewart Teaching Fellows Program today and embark on a rewarding journey towards becoming a proficient and influential educator.