What is the Center for Academics, Success, & Equity (CASE)

The Center for Academics, Success, and Equity (CASE) is an interdisciplinary academic center within the ISyE department that supports all constituents of ISyE (students, staff, and faculty) through various programs. The programs of CASE are divided among three initiatives: Academics, Success, & Equity. Each initiative is designed and led to ensure the culture and community of ISyE remain academically rigorous and challenging, yet personally and professionally rewarding for all members of ISyE. CASE educates and empowers all students to discover and engage in effective paths for academic and personal thriving through learning strategies, self-management tools, holistic support, and a sense of belonging in the ISYE community.


The Center for Academics, Success, and Equity (CASE) aims to cultivate an engaging environment for students in ISyE by creating and leading programs that encourage participation in academic growth, professional development, and inclusivity. In addition to academics, the CASE center focuses on Center success and equity.

Not sure where to start?

  • Academic Initiatives

    The CASE Academics Initiatives are designed to provide ISyE students with the resources needed to excel in their academic curriculum as well as to provide faculty and staff with a support system to lean on for the growth of their academic career.

  • Success Initiatives

    The CASE Success Initiatives were developed to ensure students, staff, and faculty succeed in their professional careers complementing their experiences at Georgia Tech with access to suitable resources and building supportive community that fosters personal and professional development.

  • Equity Initiatives

    The CASE Equity Initiatives were created to recognize and provide representation to underrepresented groups as well as provide a voice for faculty, staff, and students from diverse backgrounds to build a community where different perspectives and values are respected.