Welcome ISyE students,

Do you want to be successful during your time at Georgia Tech, but you feel that there is some additional academic support that you need to achieve your ISyE degree? Do you know where to get that support within the ISyE Department? Do you want to “find your way to success,” but don’t know where to start?

The ISyE Center for Academics, Success, & Equity (CASE) is here to help you with “finding your way to success” for academic excellence by offering services to assist you with achieving your academic goals! CASE services/programs can do this by helping you to foster the development of student competencies, life skills, and habits of academic excellence. We offer support services/programs to help you improve your study skills, develop effective learning strategies to enhance academic achievement, and assist with connecting you with valuable campus resources. Come to tutoring sessions, attend an academic workshop or two, meet with an Academic Success Coach, become either a mentee through our MentIE mentoring program, and/or participate in one of the many activities that the CASE team hosts each semester. Studying late at night? Well, we can help with that too! Log onto your Knack account via Canvas to ask a tutor questions 24/7. Want to study in between classes?

If you don’t believe that taking advantage of the services that the CASE provides will benefit you, read what some of your fellow ISyE students have to say:

  • “The tutoring sessions are very helpful,”
  • “My grade improved greatly after attending this tutoring session,”
  • “I really enjoy the sessions, it helps me learn better and understand more,”
  • “The workshop was amazing, just wish I had it sooner.”
  • “Learning my preferences and study skills that connect directly with them, I feel way more confident in myself.”

The best part is that all of this is FREE and available to all enrolled ISyE students.

Let the CASE team help you “find your way to success” in the ISyE Department!

Best of luck,

Nicoly Y Myles, Ed.D.
Director of the Center for Academics, Success, & Equity (CASE)

What is CASE?

The Center for Academics, Success, and Equity (CASE) is an interdisciplinary academic center within the ISyE department that supports all constituents of ISyE (students, staff, and faculty) through various programs. The programs of CASE are divided among three initiatives: Academics, Success, & Equity. Each initiative is designed and led to ensure the culture and community of ISyE remain academically rigorous and challenging, yet personally and professionally rewarding for all members of ISyE. CASE educates and empowers all students to discover and engage in effective paths for academic and personal thriving through learning strategies, self-management tools, holistic support, and a sense of belonging in the ISYE community.

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