SVP, Financial Crimes Executive Truist

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Alicia Cardillo graduated ISyE 2003 and took the business operations route, starting her career at The Home Depot Store Support Center. Focused on making store operations more efficient, she touched on workforce planning, front end operations (check stand design), and inventory management. In the middle of the Great Recession of 2008, she decided to head into the financial sector and joined SunTrust, now Truist. Alicia’s experience in system integration and building company-wide training & procedures was ripe for banking operations. Alicia diversified her operational career with key roles in data management, risk management, fraud strategy & operations, cyber security, and access management, each role taking on increased responsibility, scope, or breadth. Alicia obtained her MBA at Georgia State during this time of her career as part of their flexible program. Always an expense, it was time for Alicia to learn to drive revenue and she joined the commercial banking line of business where she strengthened their risk management and operational practices across the footprint with the client experience central to those practices. Alicia gained deep knowledge of anti-money laundering operations within the commercial bank, which set her up for joining Financial Crimes on the other side of the Truist merger. In her current role as a Financial Crimes Executive, Alicia drives program management and advocates for the client experience and for the business units in their alignment of scope, purpose, expectations and execution of the financial crimes policy and regulations. And always, with a nod to her ISyE background, she continuously drives more efficient end-to-end business processes.